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Billy’s Bakery

Billy’s Bakery is without question, the most delicious and charming bakery in New York City. Located on Chelsea’s lovely 9th Avenue, Billy’s cupcakes are my all time favorite.

The bakery embraces the beauty and simplicity of vintage nostalgia, perfectly reflected in both their recipes and decor. The vintage wallpaper delightfully compliments the dainty cake stands that showcase their delectable creations. Billy’s cupcakes are baked and frosted to perfection, and I am unashamedly addicted.

Whether the sweet bakery smells remind you of your Grandmas kitchen, or you are enticed by the picture perfect sight of bakers frosting cakes in the shop window, Billy’s Bakery is totally irresistible.

(It would be a real shame not to order one of Billy’s amazing ‘Pumpkin Whoopie Pies’, not to mention their Yellow Daisy, Red Velvet and Banana Cupcakes)

Billy’s Bakery, 184 9th Avenue (between 21st & 22nd St) 212 647 9956

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