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Ninth Street Espresso

Ninth Street Espresso has three coffee bars in the city, and the one I frequent most is located in the bustling food halls of Chelsea Market.

This coffee company is very discreet. Hidden in Chelsea, East Village, and Alphabet City, there is no store front signage so keep a look out for their coffee cup logo. If you get lost, let your senses guide you to the incredible coffee aromas. Their coffee is rich and bold in flavor, and is always perfectly creamy.

Ninth Street Espresso arguably has the best latte in New York City, so don’t be disheartened if there is a long line. It merely reflects how insanely delicious their coffee is.

Like most coffee bars, there is limited seating in all three locations. Chelsea offers no customer only seating, so you will have to scramble to find a table within the markets (not an easy task on weekends) This is perfectly fine if you are in need of a quick coffee on the go, but if you prefer something more cosy and comfortable, perhaps save Ninth Street for another day**

**A savvy coffee connoisseur would never save Ninth Street for another day

Ninth Street Espresso, Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave (between 15 & 16th St)  Cash only

other locations (not on a subway line)
East Village, 341 East 10th Street (between Ave A & B)
Alphabet City, 700 East 9th Street (between Ave C & D) 


This little coffee bar  on Washington Street is reminiscent of a delicious Italian coffee bar you’d find in Rome, complimented by a lush 1970’s style glamorous interior. Kava coffee is strong, creamy and delectable, and every afternoon they offer happy hour. If you appreciate a delicious cup of coffee, Kava is a must!

Another reason I love Kava, once I was enjoying my perfect Kava coffee in the front bar when a lady walked in from the street and yelled ‘Where is your restroom?’. The Kava barista very kindly replied, “Sorry, we don’t have a restroom”, to which the rude lady rolled her eyes and said, “What kind of coffee shop doesn’t have a restroom?”. Without hesitating, the barista politely responded with “We aren’t Starbucks”. And this is the very simple reason why I love Kava. They aren’t Starbucks and they aren’t even remotely close to being like Starbucks. Thank goodness for that.

Kava Cafe, 803 Washington Street (between Horatio & Gansevoort) West Village 212 255 7495

Cafe Grumpy

Cafe Grumpy is a quintessential local hideaway. Nestled amongst a quiet, leafy, brownstone filled street in Chelsea, Cafe Grumpy is a delicious and reliable coffee shop that I am utterly addicted to. Cafe Grumpy has minimal signage so be sure to keep a look out for two little benches outside their store, a little wooden sign with Grumpy’s logo on it, or  happy pedestrians sipping a cup of coffee.

As an Australian living in New York City, I naturally lost my mind when I discovered Cafe Grumpy pours a flat white. And to make this situation even more perfect, they brew a truly delicious flat white that is on par with my favorite coffee bars in Australia. If you have never tried a flat white, I could not recommend it more, particularly at this darling little coffee shop.

Cafe Grumpy Chelsea, 224 West 20th St (between 7th & 8th Ave) 

Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown is a coffee lovers dream (minus the usually long queue) Conveniently located within the artistic oasis that is the Ace Hotel, Stumptown remains one of the few coffee houses in Manhattan that serves consistently decadent coffee. The effortlessly cool baristas are all masters of their craft, and perfectly match the chic urban decor.

Don’t be deterred if the line for coffee is overwhelming, it is well worth the wait. The coffee served at the adjoining Breslin Restaurant and Lobby Bar is shockingly terrible and does not come  close to the standard of Stumptown. If only the Breslin hired some of Stumptown’s baristas, the Ace Hotel would be near perfect.

Once you get your coffee, take it into the main lobby of the Ace Hotel, relax on the miss matched couches and enjoy the all hidden surprises of this amazing space. The Ace Hotel lobby is Northern Exposure, meets a vintage university library, meets a rustic ski lodge, meets an english pub, meets ‘I could go on forever, you really must check out this incredible space!’

Stumptown Coffee @ the Ace Hotel, 18 W29th Street (29th/Broadway), open 6am – 8pm.